Shutdown services tailored to suit customers

Metso Outotec is launching three Shutdown Services programs centered around planning and execution activities for improved shutdown performance. Each of the new packages aim at a different stage of the shutdown process and provide benefits in terms of expertise or resources.

The packages can act as standalone packages or complement the customer’s current shutdown planning and execution processes. Within each package there is also flexibility and the ability to tailor the package to the customer’s needs by adding or removing services.  

As an OEM supplier of sophisticated equipment, parts and services to the mining industry, Metso Outotec helps customers maintain their critical assets during the planned shutdown or turnaround. 

“Metso Outotec provides expert advisory services, complete shutdown project management, even hands-on labor using our skilled technicians and approved contractors. From crushing and grinding to smelting and refining, we can support our customers across their entire company flowsheet,” states Leigh Mercieca, Director Shutdown Services at Metso Outotec.

The core planning and execution packages in brief:

  1. A Shutdown Readiness package focused on benchmarking and optimization recommendations, ideal for customers who are already managing their shutdowns but who may need expertise for additional ideas or improvement strategies.
  2. A Shutdown Support package aimed at minimizing shutdown duration and maximizing plant availability. This package is perfect for customers who are looking for the resources or full know-how to take on a major shutdown event, alone.
  3. A Shutdown Total Solution package which offers additional advisory, management support and execution management options when customers are looking for a more comprehensive shutdown solution.

For refractory-lined assets such as smelting furnaces, roasters, kilns, and calciners, Metso Outotec’s shutdown services include a refractory demolition service with nearly 40 years’ experience in some of the toughest environments. Metso Outotec’s mechanical and other experts are also available to execute shutdown projects in crushers, mills, flotation circuits, and filters.

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