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  • TMT Thermo-Mechanical Treated bar mill for Muhaj Baghdad
    Iraqi company Muhaj Baghdad awarded Danieli the contract for a new, 500,000-tpy rolling mill plant for rebar. The upcoming plant will be built in the industrial area of Al-Hilla, near Baghdad, to produce quality rebar in 10- to 40-mm-diameter, using Danieli special high-speed rolling technology. The new rolling mill will
  • New Energiron DRI plant starts production at Baowu
    It is the largest reactor ever installed in China and hydrogen-ready. DRI production has started at China’s leading steel producer Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel (part of Baowu), in the Guangdong Province. Featuring Energiron ZR –Zero Reformer technology the new plant will produce 1 Mpty of quality DRI by using
  • New, copper rolling mill for Jiangxi Copper Company
    China’s extra-large copper cathode producer and supplier of a great variety of copper products, Jiangxi Copper Company, relied on Danieli Fröhling technology and equipment for its plant expansion in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China. Through this investment, the Chinese producer will add an annual production capacity of approx. 15,000 tons for copper
  • Metso launches electric mineral wool melting furnace with low CO2 emissions
    Melting of the raw materials in the mineral wool industry has traditionally been done with gas- or coal-fired cupola furnaces. To reduce the CO2 footprint of production, the industry is switching from cupola to electric furnaces. Metso is supporting this transformation with the introduction of the Outotec® Mineral Wool Furnace,
  • KELLER’s gold-plated pressure sensors for measuring hydrogen
    KELLER manufactures isolated piezoresistive pressure sensors for the type of pressure measurements invented by KELLER founder Hannes W. Keller. The great advantage of the piezoresistive measuring principle is its high stability. The chip that measures the pressure is installed in an oil-filled cylinder and sealed by a steel diaphragm. This
  • Nucor Steel inaugurates continuous casting plants
    Nucor Steel Brandenburg has celebrated the inauguration of the new greenfield facility at the Buttermilk Falls Industrial Park site located on the Ohio River in Brandenburg, Kentucky. The core unit of the works is the single-strand continuous caster supplied by SMS for ultra-wide and ultra-thick slabs. It is one of
  • Epiroc secures substantial order from new Turkey copper mine.
    Epiroc, known for its prowess in mining equipment and sustainability, has clinched a significant deal with Eti Bakir, Türkiye's largest mining firm, for a new copper mine project in Türkiye. The order encompasses a diverse fleet of machinery, comprising face drilling rigs like the Boomer S2 series, Simba E70 S
  • Reactorwell feed system for max thickener and clarifier performance
    Metso is launching the ReactorwellTM upgrade – a new generation feedwell upgrade – for maximizing thickener and clarifier performance while minimizing flocculant consumption and bringing significant operational cost efficiencies. The first-class feed system upgrade features high solids retention and mixing efficiency. It eliminates feed short-circuiting and offers low shear for ideal
  • Caterpillar demonstrates its sustainable underground technologies
    IRVING, Texas – Caterpillar Inc. has successfully demonstrated its first battery electric prototype underground mining truck, growing its portfolio of battery electric and semi-autonomous technology for underground mining applications. The demonstration for Newmont and other industry leaders, at the company’s proving ground in Tasmania, Australia, comes on the heels of
  • Scrubber Optimizer enabling energy savings in gas cleaning plants
    During the last decades, Metso specialists have built a vast technical knowledge base on wet gas cleaning, enabling continuous improvement of the operation and performance of gas cleaning equipment and entire plants. Metso is now launching the High Efficiency Scrubber (HES) Optimizer, a digital tool that combines internal process calculations
  • Spider crowder upgrade for froth management in large flotation cells
    Metso is introducing to its flotation portfolio the innovative Spider crowder upgrade, designed to address the challenges posed by large flotation cells. Given that flotation operates as a continuous process, ensuring the highest level of equipment availability and efficiency is paramount. The new technology promises superior froth management, safeguarding enhanced metallurgical performance, energy
  • Pellet optimizer for running traveling grate pelletizing plants
    Metso is introducing a new version of the OptimusTM Pellet optimizer to further strengthen its digital offering for traveling grate iron ore pelletizing plants. OptimusTM Pellet optimizer is a digital optimizer system which runs the pellet plants at maximum profitability full automatically. The upgrade contains new embedded process intelligence that
  • Magnetic Separation Plant Units for high recovery and simplified operation
    Implementing a magnetic separation process includes several steps, from flowsheet selection to ramp-up and ensuring planned capacity. Alongside financial aspects, miners must also evaluate executional and operational factors when selecting the most feasible solution. To facilitate the selection, Metso is now introducing modular Magnetic Separation Plant Units designed for high recovery
  • Metso launches high-performing and sustainable mill lining rubber
    Metso is introducing to its mill lining portfolio an innovative rubber, Skega™ Life, with up to 25% longer wear life compared to the current premium rubber, Skega™ Classic. The new rubber type is developed in Metso’s own laboratory and validated by field studies. Skega™ Life is a part of Metso’s Planet Positive offering, enabling increased
  • Rio Tinto new solar farm to power its Amrun bauxite operations
    WEIPA, Australia - Rio Tinto has approved a new 12.4MW solar farm and 8.8MVa/2.1MWh of battery storage to provide renewable energy for the Amrun bauxite operations near Weipa in Queensland. The 12.4MW solar farm and battery storage are part of Rio Tinto’s global decarbonisation strategy and ongoing efforts to reduce
  • Metso launches upgraded Evaporative Cooling Tower
    Metso is launching the upgraded Evaporative Cooling Tower, an efficient dry gas cleaning solution designed to cool down hot furnace off-gases by means of evaporation. The Evaporative Cooling Tower, which is normally followed by a hot electrostatic precipitator or a bag filter, cools the gas from about 600-700 °C to
  • Energy and sustainability management system for the aluminium production
    The aluminium rolling division of ElvalHalcor S.A., Elval, has placed an order with SMS group for the delivery of its Viridis Energy & Sustainability Suite for its flat-rolled aluminium manufacturing plant based in Oinofyta, Greece. This milestone marks a significant step forward in enhancing Elval's sustainability initiatives and energy management
  • Range of thermal imaging and wireless testing tools
    COMTEST, leading local representative of Fluke, a global technology leader in the manufacture of compact, professional electronic test and measurement tools and software, has developed a range of thermal imaging and wireless testing tools designed to ensure safety is the top priority for engineers working in potentially dangerous arc flash
  • Upgraded pilot testwork facility for hydrogen use in smelting applications
    Metso has modernized its Ausmelt® TSL smelting pilot testwork facility in Melbourne, Australia, to enable testing of gaseous hydrogen as both a fuel and chemical reductant in pyrometallurgical processes. Regulatory approvals enabling the use of gaseous hydrogen at Metso’s testwork facility were received in November 2023. “The use of green
  • Most modern SBQ rolling mill to operate in Mexico
    TYASA has contracted Danieli for the supply of a new 350,000 tpy green-field SBQ rolling mill, to be installed in Ixtaczoquitlán, Veracruz state, Mexico, at the premises where approx. 1.5 Mtpy of long and flat products are produced. The new plant –which will include a reheating furnace, a hot-rolling mill,