Aluminium Fume treatment centers

Based on the proprietary Pleno V technology with Vertical Radial Injector (VRI) alumina injection and an optimized conditioning tower design upstream of the scrubber, the systems provide the industry with a highly efficient, cost-effective and versatile emission control system.

Danieli is a leader in innovative dry scrubbing technology for anode baking furnaces.

The VRI, which is the heart of the Pleno V technology, offers maximum diffusion of the alumina particles in the gas stream for maximum contact between adsorbent and pollutant, with minimal turbulence. The VRI reactor offers the following advantages:

  • Minimum pressure loss
  • Minimum recycling requirement for the alumina
  • Strongly reduced abrasion
  • Strongly reduced scaling
  • Lowest possible energy consumption

The conditioning tower located upstream of the scrubber is based on evaporative cooling for the condensation of hydrocarbons. It is the only system available in the market with a guaranteed dry bottom operation, which is essential for the prevention of corrosion and minimizing moisture and hydrocarbon load for the downstream filter bags. The system can be easily adapted for reliable operation with full pitch burning practice.

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