Aluminium Recycling: economically and environmentally beneficial

All the by-products, residues, and end-of-life products from the aluminium value chain end in landfills if not recycled or reutilized. Aluminium is blessed with 100% recyclability, which can neutralize the entire aluminium smelting carbon footprint at the end of its lifecycle.

Secondary aluminium or recycled aluminium production an environment-friendly process that is 92% more energy-efficient than primary production. The adoption of recycled aluminium in manufacturing has proved to be economically and environmentally beneficial for the industry as well as the end-users.

For example, nearly 43% of the US aluminium supply is now met through secondary production. In 2020, aluminium recovered from scrap in the US was about 3.2 million tonnes, while primary production stood at just 1 million tonnes further, recycled aluminium was equivalent to about 51% of apparent consumption.

The data highlights the endless possibility of how more and more primary aluminium can be substituted with secondary aluminium.
With the worldwide campaign of the circular economy gaining ground, the aluminium industry cannot afford to shift its focus from recycling.

A planned recycling program for the industry and the implementation of close loop recycling across the downstream value chain can save a huge volume of aluminium from ending in landfills.

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