Alumobility expands its ecosystem for automotive aluminium

ZURICH – Alumobility, a non-profit organization focused on proven technical solutions to advance the adoption of aluminium automotive body sheet, announced today that it has welcomed ARO, Atlas Copco, and Sika as new members.

Experts in a variety of joining techniques for aluminum and other metals, these partners will contribute essential knowhow of assembly methods of aluminum auto body sheet components such as closures, body structures and battery enclosures.

“We are thrilled to welcome ARO, Atlas Copco, and Sika to Alumobility,” said Mark White, Executive Director of Alumobility. “Their expertise in welding, self-pierce riveting, flow drill fastening, adhesive bonding and other joining methods will demonstrate reliable, efficient and cost-competitive manufacturing solutions for aluminum automotive body structures and components.

By working together, aluminum producers and downstream providers can help automakers better realize the increased benefits of light, strong, sustainable aluminum.”

Launched in January 2021 by founding members Constellium and Novelis, Alumobility conducts technical studies to help automakers utilize aluminum automotive body sheet to fulfill the promise of a lighter, more efficient, more sustainable mobility future.

A new study on the latest joining methods is planned to be introduced this autumn to demonstrate the value and performance of various joining scenarios that can be applied to aluminum-intensive vehicles, as well as mixed material structures. Findings from this study will be shared in upcoming global auto industry conferences, and presented in detail at an Alumobility webinar.

This project follows the consortium’s study on aluminum door design that showcased a 45% weight savings compared to steel doors while meeting or exceeding safety specifications and other customer performance criteria.

Automakers continue to rely on lightweight, high-strength, sustainable aluminum to shape the future of mobility with lighter, safer, smarter and more sustainable vehicles.

Alumobility represents a commitment by leading aluminum producers and downstream partners to further advance the technical capabilities of aluminum automotive body sheet in order to compete with other materials for applications in next-generation vehicle design.

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