Anglo American pays $25 billion in 2020 taxes

Anglo American has published its seventh annual Tax and Economic Contribution Report, with a detailed breakdown of the company’s contributions across all its major operating jurisdictions, amounting to more than $25 billion in 2020.

Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive of Anglo American, said: “Our annual Tax and Economic Contribution Report helps our stakeholders more fully understand the breadth of our role in society. The enduring positive impact of a business can only be properly assessed when you consider the total footprint of its contributions. It is with this transparency that we seek to build trust as a corporate leader in our industry – a key pillar of our Sustainable Mining Plan.

“The positive contribution we bring to the countries where we operate extends far beyond the taxes and royalties we pay. The high quality of employment that we provide and the associated wages, the money we spend with local suppliers, our corporate social investment, and our capital investments all support the fabric of many economies.

In 2020, our contribution amounted to more than $25 billion, demonstrating the extent to which we continued contributing to the communities and countries where we work – both economically and socially – staying true to our Purpose as a business.”

Zahira Quattrocchi, Group Head of Tax at Anglo American, added: “Paying taxes is a central responsibility for sustainable businesses. Transparency around those taxes is also critical and, for Anglo American, is a dialogue we aim to continue to lead. We see our Tax and Economic Contribution Report not only as an opportunity to provide the detail of what we contribute, but also as an opportunity to explain the principles and values that underpin our broader approach, how we govern that approach, and how we engage with our stakeholders.”

This seventh Anglo American Tax and Economic Contribution Report is the first to be prepared in compliance with Global Reporting Initiative’s standard for public reporting on tax GRI-207 in its first year of taking effect.

The Anglo American Tax and Economic Contribution Report 2020 is available for download at its website, together with all other 2020 reports.

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