ArcelorMittal claims environmentally responsible

Steel is a vital component in the country’s infrastructure development, but steelmaking has an environmental footprint and requires natural resources. The challenge is to produce the steel the world needs while minimising its environmental impacts and ensuring that ArcelorMittal contributes to global efforts to tackle climate change and other environmental concerns.
The company does not yet have all the answers, but it is continually investing in resources to find them. At the same time the group is working to ensure that our environmental impact is as low as possible on all indicators. ArcelorMittal is aware that environmental compliance is one of its biggest business risks.
ArcelorMittal South Africa is governed by the global ArcelorMittal environmental policy. The group has directed that all production facilities comply with ISO 14001, an internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems.

During the year the group also launched the ArcelorMittal energy policy and energy management system. These cover every aspect of how the group purchases, uses and monitors energy, from technology upgrades to the integration of energy efficiency priorities into our equipment design.

The company also follows the principles of ArcelorMittal South Africa’s safety, health and environmental (SHE) policy, which is aligned with the group’s environmental policy.
Highlights on the environmental front during recent years include the completion of the new dust extraction unit at Vereeniging Works, the launch of the zero effluent discharge project at Newcastle Works and our ongoing engagement with various stakeholder groups on environmental issues.

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