BHP invests in pulse-powered processing technology

I-Pulse and I-ROX SAS announced on Monday a comprehensive collaboration arrangement with BHP Billiton.

I-Pulse uses high-intensity bursts of energy delivered using pulsed-power technology can quickly and efficiently shatter rocks and mineral ores.

BHP will also be making an equity investment in I-Pulse. I-Pulse was founded by Robert Friedland and Laurent Frescaline in 2005.

I-Pulse method targets tensile weakness in rocks, which it said could substantially reduce the time, energy usage and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions currently generated by critical mining activities.

“The crushing and grinding of ores is the most energy- and capital-intensive aspect of the entire mining process – it is estimated to comprise approximately 4% of all electrical energy consumption globally and more than half a typical mine’s power usage,” said the company in a news release.

Friedland said the investment is a “meaningful step forward in the development and commercialisation of I-Pulse technologies for the mining industry.”

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