Cansan Aluminium orders front-loading extrusion press

Turkish company Cansan Aluminium based in Bursa has selected Danieli Breda to supply a new 40-MN 10 inch front-loading extrusion press. The commissioning of the press is planned for Spring 2022.

The new press will feature the latest technological innovations introduced by Danieli, such as

  • Danieli Breda’s patented energy-saving system ESED 4.0, which enables an average energy savings of 25-30%
  • Press control system implementing isothermal extrusion, to maintain a constant billet temperature through the die, thus achieving consistent mechanical properties
  • Fully-electric billet loader and die-change station, eliminating extra hydraulic systems and reducing maintenance costs
  • Wireless tablet control systems for easy and efficient machine operation, maintenance and remote service support
  • Hydraulic pumps and electrical cabinets pre-installed on skids, for layout optimization and quick installation

Danieli Breda also will ensure that the customer will reach its targets in terms of plant performance and time schedule, by acting as a project director and coordinating the activities of sub-suppliers.

Presently Cansan Aluminum produces around 24.000 t per year of extruded products serving several different industries, like automotive, furniture, industry and solar power.

The new press shall extend Cansan’s capabilities for extruding hard alloys, allowing it to broaden its automotive profile offerings.

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