Car changing device to boost safety and productivity of pellet plants

Metso Outotec has launched an automatic pallet car changing device to improve safety and productivity in pellet plants. It is an alternative to the conventional solutions that require production stoppages of up to 10 minutes to remove and replace worn pallet cars. The automatic pallet car changing device enables pallet car replacement in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective way without manual intervention or halting the production.

The automatic pallet car changing device is part of Metso Outotec’s leading-edge solutions helping ensure the optimal operation and maintenance of iron ore pelletizing plants. It improves process performance, production capacity, and product quality while reducing energy consumption, environmental impact, and operation and maintenance costs.

The device complements Metso Outotec’s Pallet Car Condition Monitoring System that helps operators improve preventive maintenance planning and execution.

Metso Outotec’s automatic pallet car changing device offers the following benefits:

  • Production loss reduction gain per exchange by replacing the traditional method with the automatic one
  • Improved operational safety by automated heavy load handling
  • Increased production by uninterrupted pelletizing plant operations during pallet car change
  • Extended equipment lifetime by easier maintenance

Improved product quality and homogeneity

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