Correct machine and consumable combinations offer benefits

Everybody is watching their budget and looking for opportunities to reduce operational expenditure, but there is one area where it does not pay to do so – attempting to combine tool drives with incorrect or sub-standard abrasive consumables. Purchasing decisions based only on price, which ignore the quality or compatibility required for specific applications, will reduce performance whilst increasing operational costs.

Dennis Phillips, National Sales Manager for PFERD-South Africa, a leader in the manufacture, supply and distribution of abrasive tool solutions, said, “Buying cheaper, or trying to operate quality tool drives with sub-standard consumables is a false economy”.

“This incompatibility not only increases consumable use and subsequent operational costs, but the additional noise, vibration and dust usually associated with sub-standard abrasives, increases operational hazards for the operators. The reverse is also applicable, because buying sub-standard machines and pairing them with high-performance abrasives will also not deliver optimum results.

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