Danieli to implement new iron-steelmaking projects at the Temirtau

ArcelorMittal Temirtau again has chosen Danieli Corus to implement new iron making and steelmaking projects at the Temirtau steel plant in Kazakhstan. Hot blast stoves 8 and 10 serving blast furnace 3 will be revamped.

The project includes a conversion from a hemispherical to a mushroom-dome design, the installation of a ceramic burner, and the application of the proven Danieli Corus design featuring expansion allowance in the refractory construction. Hot blast stove 9 also is being revamped by Danieli Corus.

Furthermore, after the commissioning of the new, 300-tonne converter 3 at Temirtau, ArcelorMittal ordered the replacement of the other two 300 tonne converters. Like for converter 3, these vessels will be equipped with a maintenance-free suspension system based on vertical and horizontal, patented Daniella elements.

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