Electric motors, gearmotors and VSDs for power generation

Supporting drive trains for the power generation and other industrial sectors are the SEW electric motors, which are available in the power range from 0.09 kW to 375 kW, and in efficiency classes IE1, IE3 and IE4. “Our IE3 DRN motors have now  replaced our IE2 range, and we can now also supply premium efficiency DRU motors which meet IE4 efficiency requirements if requested,” notes McKey, adding that all of these motors are directly compatible with SEW-EURODRIVE’s modular approach to drive packages, either in combination with an industrial gear unit – as directly coupled to a helical or bevel-helical gear unit or as part of a complete drive package on a base-plate – or fully incorporated into a gearmotor unit.

In a  clean and static free area of the new Johannesburg factory, SEW-EURODRIVE’s inverters, controllers and other electronic systems including AGV’s will also be locally assembled. These are perfectly tailored to control the speed, torque and application specific functions of drive systems to get the most out of the company’s modular drive trains and gearmotors, in terms of energy efficiency and functionality.

“Local assembly of these modular systems demonstrates SEW-EURODRIVE’s commitment to being part of solving South Africa’s long lead supply  problems, while also attracting business from across the world from those experiencing long delays in meeting urgent needs,” McKey concludes.

 SEW-EURODRIVE offers a comprehensive range of adaptable engineering solutions to industry for the entire value chain including engineering and selection to start-up and maintenance. It supplies industry with a high quality complete drive solution including a modular gear motor system. Its girth gears include drive pinions, motors, coupling and support infrastructure. The company’s segmented girth gears offer a flexible solution for diverse combinations. SEW-EURODRIVE offers a comprehensive range of services to industry for the entire value-chain.

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