ElvalHalcor accepts new aluminium hot strip mill

Greece-based aluminium producer ElvalHalcor S.A. has granted SMS group the final acceptance for the new four-stand high-performance hot strip mill installed at the Oinofyta facilities near Athens.

During the commissioning, aluminium strips were successfully rolled in thicknesses between 1.8 and 12 millimeters and widths of over 2.6 meters on the advanced technology mill. As early as a few weeks from the commissioning, ElvalHalcor S.A. rolled some 70 coils of excellent quality and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications on the new, highly flexible mill in one production shift.

Given the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the specialists from ElvalHalcor and SMS group did an excellent job in accomplishing the commissioning activities without interruption. With travel restrictions in place, increased use was made of digital communication channels, also involving to a great extent experts based in Germany.

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