EUR 180m for aluminium recycler to decarbonize European industries

Hydro is strengthening its position in decarbonizing industries by offering more low-carbon aluminium for the European green transition through the EUR 180 million investment in constructing a new state-of-the-art aluminium recycling plant in Torija, Spain.

The new recycling plant will produce 120,000 metric tonnes of low-carbon recycled aluminium per year and create approximately 70 new jobs in Torija. The products will be aluminium extrusion ingots for key European industries such as transport & automotive, building & construction, renewable energy installations, and consumer durable markets.

“Worldwide demand for materials like aluminium is growing as we build the infrastructure needed for the green transition. To reach our climate goals, we must also change how these materials are produced. Key European industries, including the automotive and building & construction sectors, need access to responsibly produced materials with a low-carbon footprint. Hydro’s new state-of-the-art aluminium recycling plant in Torija will be ideally positioned to help customers reach their sustainability goals by offering low-carbon aluminium with a high share of recycled post-consumer scrap,” says Eivind Kallevik, Executive Vice President for Hydro Aluminium Metal.

The investment is pending final build decision, which is expected in the second half of 2024. Production is expected to commence in 2026.

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