Flat Rolling and a 50th Anniversary: Primetals Technologies

Primetals Technologies’ global headquarters is located in Chiswick, London, United Kingdom. The company functions with a strong entity, venturing across continents whilst maintaining leadership, and infl uence from the UK base.

Zahra Awan* interviewed Grant Shoebridge on the latest developments and news from Primetals Technologies aluminium business. Meeting at the METEC, GIFA, ThermProcess and NewCast event, where Primetals Technologies were exhibiting, the company hosted several innovative sessions covering topics from green steel,

digitalisation and presented technology solutions for the steel and aluminium rolling industries.

Commenting on the event, Mr Shoebridge said: “The event has been incredibly busy this year. We’ve got a large booth dedicated to digitalisation and green metals, primarily focussing on green steelmaking with some aspects of green aluminium production as well.

We are exhibiting both the upstream technologies such as blast furnace, direct reduction, and new advancements, as well as downstream processes including hot rolling and cold rolling for steel and aluminium production.

The market is buoyant at the moment. A lot of clients have been visiting our stand, discussing potential new investments, which is positive.”

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