Global energy efficiency for critical industries

Johannesburg, South Africa – MOVIGEAR is a decentralised drive technology system from SEW-EURODRIVE that offers key industries the ability to save on operating costs, while providing the latest in energy efficiency technology.

As a sector leader, SEW-EURODRIVE ensures that the latest global solutions are quickly implemented in South Africa, thus supporting critical industries important to the country‘s growth and economic recovery.

MOVIGEAR is a mechatronic drive system that is particularly suited to horizontal material-handling technologies. The drive electronics, motor and gear unit are combined in a mechatronic drive system, saving on cabling, installation and maintenance costs due to its compactness. 

The MOVIGEAR sealed unit also offers a reduction in maintenance activity. For example, an oil analysis is only required once every three to four years, which therefore decreases operational costs. The solution is tried and tested, with customers running the system successfully for over seven years without issue.

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