Harmony starts construction of three solar photovoltaic plants

Johannesburg – Harmony Gold Mining Company has announced that it has concluded a new syndicated multi-tranche, multi-currency, loan facility, aimed at sustainable development, as well as a power purchase agreement (“PPA”) facilitating Phase 1 (30 megawatts “MW”) of its renewable solar photovoltaic (“PV”) energy initiative.

The first phase of Harmony’s renewable energy journey consists of a 30MW solar energy plant in the Free State. In Phase 2, the Company will be building an additional 137MW of renewable energy at our various longer-life mines while Phase 3 is in planning stage and progressing as anticipated. Harmony expects Phase 2 of its renewable energy project to deliver over R500 million per annum in electricity cost savings once it reaches full production in FY25.

“Responsible stewardship is the first of our four strategic pillars. ‘Mining with purpose’, has shown that there is an inextricable link between ESG performance and financial performance. Through extending the lives of mines, responsibly rehabilitating land and our ongoing economic support in the countries we operate in, we have shown ESG in action,” said Peter Steenkamp, Harmony’s chief executive officer.

“The ESG-linked financial transactions that we have concluded, alongside the construction of the solar energy plants, are a watershed moment for Harmony and our host communities. Not only will these transactions help us to deliver on our environmental and social obligations and undertakings, but they will also de-risk the business and deliver many socio-economic benefits. ‘Mining with purpose’ is ensuring that our investors and other stakeholders continue to derive value and positive returns in a global climate of energy uncertainty,” Steenkamp added.

In Phase 1 of Harmony’s decarbonisation strategy, the Company has established an independent power producer (“IPP”) for the construction of the three PV plants. These plants will have a total installed capacity of 30MW and will deliver more than 68 gigawatt hours (“GWh”) of clean power to

Harmony’s Free State operations, mitigating 65 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in their first 12 months of operation. 1.3 terawatt hours (“TWh”) of clean energy is expected to be delivered over their 20-year lifespan.

The solar plant projects were jointly developed by Harmony, Energy Group (a specialist advisor and investor in industrial clean energy projects in Southern Africa), and BBEnergy (a South African engineering company that specialises in solving complex engineering problems in the energy and water fields).

The Green Loan of R1.5 billion is designated to fund Phase 2 of Harmony’s solar PV strategy (Phase 2 targets up to 137MW of peak generation capacity).

“The cash flow profile of this loan has been tailored to closely match the expected cash flow of the solar PV build, followed by the expected savings in energy costs for Harmony’s South African mining operations. Phase 2 of the solar PV project is currently in the feasibility stage and we are working on obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.”

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