Hydro to supply low carbon aluminium to Gränges technology company

Hydro and the global aluminium technology company Gränges have joined forces to provide low carbon and circular aluminium offerings to the automotive market. A new collaboration has been initiated, in which Gränges will source low carbon carbon REDUXA primary aluminium from Hydro.

Sourcing low carbon primary aluminium from Hydro is an important initiative in Gränges’ strategy to reduce the carbon footprint from sourced metal inputs.

Gränges’ customers are increasingly recognizing the importance of using sustainable materials, and customers are often committed to not only reduce their own carbon footprint and emissions in the use phase but also to reduce the emissions in the production phase of the value chain where materials are in focus.

Hydro REDUXA low-carbon aluminium has a certified maximum carbon footprint of 4.0 kg CO2e/kg aluminium, which is less than a quarter of the global average and includes emissions from cradle to gate.

This means all direct and indirect emissions throughout the aluminium value chain from raw material to finished product, including transport.

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