Hydrovolt establishes world-leading battery recycling hub in Norway

February 2021. The world needs clean batteries and a plan for what to do with them at their end-of-life. We need to recover the valuable materials within them and recirculate them into manufacturing of new batteries or other products. And we need to do this sustainably, without harming the environment.

The Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt and the Norwegian energy and aluminium company Hydro have partnered to establish the joint venture Hydrovolt, which is building Europe’s largest electric car battery recycling facility in Fredrikstad, Norway. The battery recycling plant is situated next to Batteriretur – the company that collects used batteries in Norway and will be providing a feed of electric vehicle batteries to Hydrovolt.

Once fully operational, Hydrovolt will have an annual recycling capacity of 12,000 tons of battery packs – more than sufficient to recycle the entire volume of end-of-life electric vehicle batteries currently present in Norway. Additional capacity will be used to recycled batteries collected from Sweden and other parts of Europe. Alongside batteries from electric vehicles, Hydrovolt will also recycle other types of batteries, including those from electric ferries and grid energy storage.

About Northvolt

Northvolt is a European supplier of sustainable, high-quality battery cells and systems. Founded in 2016 to enable the European transition to a decarbonized future, the company has made swift progress on its mission to deliver the world’s greenest lithium-ion battery with a minimal CO2 footprint and has grown to over 3,000 people from over 100 different nationalities.

Northvolt has to date secured more than $50 billion worth of contracts from key customers, including BMW, Fluence, Scania, Volkswagen, Volvo Cars and Polestar, to support its plans, which include establishing recycling capabilities to enable 50 percent of all its raw material requirements to be sourced from recycled batteries by 2030.

About Hydro

Hydro is a leading aluminium and energy company that builds businesses and partnerships for a more sustainable future. Hydro develops industries that matter to people and society. Since 1905, Hydro has turned natural resources into valuable products for people and businesses, creating a safe and secure workplace for 31,000 employees in more than 140 locations and 40 countries.

Hydro own and operate various businesses and have investments with a base in sustainable industries. Hydro is present in a broad range of market segments for aluminium and metal recycling, and energy and renewables. The company offer a unique wealth of knowledge and competence.

Hydro is committed to leading the way towards a more sustainable future, creating more viable societies by developing natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways.

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