Impala Refining Services reports small declines in refined PGMs

Concentrate receipts in the Quarter ended 31 March 2021 were negatively impacted by weaker volumes from third parties and Zimplats. Mine-to-market receipts of 325 000 ounces were 3% lower, while third-party and toll receipts declined by 7% to 79 000 ounces.

Refined 6E production of 443 000 ounces from both mine-to-market operations (Zimplats, Marula, Two Rivers and Mimosa) and IRS third-party and toll customers, was 4% lower than in the previous comparable period (462 000 ounces).


Concentrate receipts benefitted from improved mine-to-market deliveries, which reflect the delayed impact of the IRS force majeure declared in Q3 FY2020 and the improved operational performances at both Two Rivers and Mimosa. While mine-to-market receipts of 1.07 million ounces have increase by 11%, third-party and toll receipts of 275 000 ounces were unchanged.

Refined volumes in the prior comparable period were impacted by the change in stock allocation policy at the Group and, consequently, refined volumes in the nine-month period increased by 28% to 1.29 million ounces.

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