IMS offers STM-SCREENS for high-volume screening needs

As mine sizes and the subsequent tonnages handled have grown exponentially in recent years, so has the size of screens to address the increasing comminution circuit capacities. IMS Engineering offers General Kinematics’ STM-SCREEN designed to handle higher tonnages at circuit design efficiencies.

As miners seek to meet the growing global demand for mineral resources, the average size of a mine has risen, with the trend gathering momentum during the past decade. In line with the increasing tonnages, material handling/processing equipment has also increased in size.

The STM-SCREEN is designed and constructed to process higher tonnages at circuit design efficiencies. While the industry has accepted screens lasting less than 18 months, the STM-SCREEN is reliable and designed for operations years beyond this threshold. General Kinematics’ STM-SCREEN, supplied locally by IMS Engineering, is the solution mines are seeking to maximise comminution circuit production tonnages, both wet and dry.

The STM-SCREEN Two-Mass vibratory screens utilise General Kinematics’ proven Two-Mass, natural frequency drive design. This design is load responsive and capable of longer material retention times to work the material more.
This means you can get more screening accomplished in the same footprint as your old brute force screens. Dual in-board vibratory motors eliminate expensive belts, shafts and bearings. The patented modular design uses a centre spline to significantly increase structural integrity and allows for easy assembly and disassembly for quick transport and installation.

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