Installation tester with Fluke Connect

Growing concern for public safety and the increasing complexity of today’s fixed electrical installations in commercial and industrial premises places extra responsibility on electrical test engineers who are charged with verifying conformity to South Africa’s Certificate of Compliance (COC) safety standards.

The Fluke 1660 Series Multifunction Installation Testers are specifically designed to carry out the tests specified, and all local standards and regulations in the safest and most efficient way.

Comtest is offering Fluke 1660 Series Installation tester with Fluke Connect, which includes the 1664 TM Installation Tester – the only installation tester that helps prevent damage to connected appliances during insulation tests, and also allows users to send test results wirelessly via smartphone directly from the field.  They are lightweight, and feature a unique ergonomic ‘curved’ form that, when carried by the neck strap, makes operation in the field more comfortable.

  • Work safer, protect the installation under test, share results The Fluke 1664 FC is the only installation tester that protects connectedappliances from damage during insulation tests, and allows users to share test results wirelessly by smartphone with coworkers or customers.
  • Insulation PreTest The Fluke 1664 FC Installation Tester is also the only tester with patent pending “Insulation PreTest”. 
  • Fluke Connect, ShareLive calling and Fluke Cloud storage ShareLive video calls Users save time by eliminating data entry by wirelessly syncing measurements directly from the 1664 FC and share with a remote team using Fluke Connect.

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