Jubilee Metals: Project Roan update

The upgrade of Roan currently underway includes the implementation of a 50 000 tonnes per month modular unit, which allows Roan to simultaneously process multiple feed sources.

JTS is currently completing a review of various additional feed sources near Roan which is in addition to the previously announced approximate 6-year off-take agreement of unprocessed copper ROM material discarded as mined waste. The upgraded Roan is perfectly positioned to uniquely capitalise on the opportunities on offer.

Project Roan, through these key upgrades, is poised for a significant operational rebound.

The Roan front-end upgrade has suffered delays in completion due to delayed delivery of an

imported critical electrical component caused by logistical challenges at South African ports. JTS has been able to bring unaffected sections of Roan back into operation to reduce the impact of the delays. JTS has approached local manufacturers in South Africa to produce the component as an emergency measure which is expected to be completed within 8 weeks. Until completion, Roan will continue to operate by processing selectively suitable material.

During this period overall production rates are capable of being maintained in excess of 600 copper units per month before offering the opportunity to increase to beyond 1 000 tonnes per month once Roan returns to full production.

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