Keliber lithium project received environmental permit for mine and concentrator

As announced on 6 Feb 2023, Keliber received the environmental permit for the Rapasaari mine and Paivaneva concentrator from the Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland (AVI).

Keliber carefully assessed the 144 permit conditions the permit contained and made a submission to the Vaasa Administrative Court for changes to and/or clarification to six of the permit conditions.

Keliber continues to engage and provide information to the court process at Vaasa Administrative Court after two external appeals were lodged. As announced on 25 April 2023, the Finnish Minerals Group, which represents and manages the Finnish State’s mining industry investments, confirmed its support for the project increasing its holding in the Keliber project from 14% to 20% by subscribing for  EUR53.9 million of the EUR104 million rights issue.

The commencement of the earthworks for the Keliber lithium refinery (first phase of the Keliber lithium project) in Kokkola, Finland began on 7 March 2023 with the foundation stone planned to be laid during a ceremony on 11 May 2023.

Contractors signed on to provide earthworks and foundations for the lithium refinery as well as a contract management service provider. Negotiations advance with a syndicate of banks for debt financing of the remaining project capital post conclusion of the EUR104 million rights issue.

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