Lucapa reports recovery of 180 carat

Lucapa Diamond has announced the recovery of a 180 carat white Type IIa diamond from the Lulo alluvial mine in Angola.

The company said that the diamond, which weighs 180.87 (pre-acid), is classified by the Yehuda meter as Type IIa and is the 37th +100 carat diamond to be recovered from the Lulo alluvial mine.

The diamond, which was recovered on 30 June 2023, is the second +100 carat diamond recovered from Lulo this year, following a 150 carat white Type IIa diamond which was recovered in February 2023, it added.

Lucapa is an ASX listed diamond miner and explorer with assets in Africa and Australia. It has interests in two producing diamond mines in Angola (Lulo, in which LOM holds 40%) and Lesotho (Mothae, in which LOM holds 70%).

The large, high-value diamonds produced from these two niche African diamond mines attract some of the highest prices/ carat globally.

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