Measurement technology for sun-tracking systems

 In solar-thermal power plants, sensors are used for precise measurement of angle and position to enable the system to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. The downstream control system receives the required feedback of position, from the sensors, and then adjusts the actual value to the corresponding setpoint.

The required angle (or set point) is stored in the controller depending on the time of day and consequently the solar altitude angle. The collectors can assume any position and consequently follow sun movement ideally. INSTROTECH, instrumentation & process control specialists representing SIKO locally, proudly offer SIKO sensors that excel in this industry due to durable, long-lasting and climate-resistant technology.

Many years of experience have provided reliable measurement technologies for position detection photovoltaic modules, solar mirrors and parabolic modules.

Benefits of sun-tracking measurement technology:

  • Optimal efficiency thanks to high repeatability
  • Wear-free and low-maintenance
  • Simple and inexpensive mounting
  • Climate-resistant (UV, -40…85 °C)
  • Incremental or absolute
  • Open or integrated
  • Absolute accuracy up to 0.05°

SIKO’s sun-tracking products include SIKO translation module ASA510H, SIKO inclinometer IK360, SIKO Magnetic sensors MSA501 and MSK5000.   SIKO is a system supplier in position detection, working with customers to provide customer-specific solutions, and ensuring best efficiency at low process costs. 

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