Metso Outotec Metrics now extended to cover stationary crushers

Metso Outotec is introducing yet another innovative digital offering expansion to now cover stationary crushers and NW Rapid equipment. The expanded Metrics remote monitoring solution offers full connectivity to support aggregate contractors and quarries with their critical crushing and screening process. 

Metrics helps customers to optimize their process, as they can easily see how changes implemented at their site have impacted their operations. For example, continuous, 24/7 real-time data helps customers and our service teams to boost equipment availability and reduce unplanned downtime. 

Metso Outotec Metrics enables new types of Life Cycle Services (LCS) contracts by integrating digital offerings to continuously improve the efficiency of customer processes. The new remote monitoring solution brings more uptime, capacity and performance, and this supports improved operational efficiency and brings multiple sustainability benefits. Being more efficient and having a higher utilization rate enhances sustainability. In addition, the customer benefits through reduced machine idling and energy consumption as well as improved wear performance, which leads to less waste.  

By combining Metrics with our global service footprint, Metso Outotec and its distributor partners can support customers in making data-driven decisions that impact their operations. 

Metso Outotec Metrics offers unique benefits  

  • With its 24/7 online monitoring capabilities, Metrics offers improved safety, increased uptime and throughput, and reduced unplanned maintenance.   
  • Operators, controllers and service professionals can see a real-time analysis of performance.   
  • The user interface can be tailored to address different customer needs. New features and functions can also be updated remotely.  
  • An easy-to-read dashboard with OEM insights makes it possible to quickly detect potential issues and take corrective actions proactively.  
  • Metrics includes CO2 tracking for sustainability benefits for mobile Lokotracks. 

Metrics built-in to new equipment and legacy machines  

While newer machines come equipped with Metso Outotec Metrics, legacy equipment can in most cases be modernized to integrate digital connectivity with a Retrofit Kit. In the first phase, the Retrofit Kit is available for a wide range of track and wheel-mounted units, crushers and screens.  

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