Mining equipment delivered for the Rietberg copper mine

Stellenbosch – Copper 360 has entered into an agreement with Epiroc Financial Solutions AB for the procurement of underground mining equipment (‘the Equipment’). The Equipment will enable the Company to extract sulphide ore from its underground mining operation at the Rietberg Mine. Delivery of the equipment will take place in phases and will consist of a full fleet of Epiroc and AARD underground equipment ranging from Loaders, Haulers, Drill Rigs, Scissors Lifts, Scalers, and a Grader.

The first delivery took place on 30 April 2024, ahead of its planned mining schedule to commence at the Rietberg Mine next month. The equipment is financed with Instalment Sale Agreements, payable over a period of 36 months.

Jan Nelson, Chief Executive Officer of Copper 360 said: “The early delivery of our underground equipment marks another notable milestone in the Company’s forward momentum. The Copper 360 team has shown remarkable endeavour by securing mine equipment well ahead of schedule.”

Any forward-looking statements contained in this announcement have not been reviewed or reported on by the Company’s external auditors.

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