New modular high rate thickening solution shortens lead times

Metso is launching a pre-engineered high-rate thickening solution, the HRT-S, which will allow significantly shorter delivery times. The HRT-S complements Metso’s existing High-Rate Thickener product family which consists of the HRT and HRT-S products. The HRT-S thickener is a part of Metso’s Planet Positive offering, enabling savings in power consumption, reduction in embedded carbon and decreased maintenance costs.

“Built upon the perfected HRT technology, which has been available for decades, the HRT-S uses bench-scale and pilot testing to ensure process performance guarantees. With a defined set of features and selected options to choose from, the modular HRT-S enables accelerated project deliveries and shorter installation times,” explained Esme Pelser, Product Manager for High Rate Thickeners at Metso.

“The HRT-S is easy to operate and service. We are excited to introduce the full range with options up to 35m diameter by the end of this year,” said Pelser.

The HRT-S comes with Reactorwell™ technology, which is the new generation feedwell with high solids retention and mixing efficiency that eliminates feed short-circuiting. It also offers low shear rate for ideal floccule growth, even discharge symmetry and excellent feed preparation.

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