Professional-grade pocket thermal imager

Electron­ics continue to shrink in size, making it possible to include an increasing amount of functionality into a smaller space. 

Now users get a pocket-sized professional-grade thermal imager, ideal for the first-line trouble­shooting.  It quickly scans electrical equipment, pumps, motors, building systems, HVAC, and process control equipment for hot spots and cold spots that can indicate early signs of trouble.

They’re small and affordable enough to make it practical for each technician to have one.

The Fluke PTi120 professional-grade thermal imager has the following specs:

  • 120 x 90 resolution
  • Asset Tagging (bar code/QR scanning)
  • IR Fusion IR and visible light image blending
  • Rugged (withstand 1-meter drop)
  • IP54-rated


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