RATH: Aluminum furnace lining concept for ideal wall construction

The foundation of every lining concept is the heat transition calculation that serves to determine an ideal wall construction. The goal is optimum thermal insulation in conjunction with ideal positioning of the solidification point.

This requires extensive knowledge of various alloys and thermodynamic processes. The dimensioning of the necessary expansion, particularly of large furnaces, is also especially important. Here Rath, as a manufacturer, has access to all the data required for the calculations.


In addition to the technical design of your plant, installation of the refractory lining is an important cornerstone of a properly functioning furnace with maximum service life. For this reason, Rath supervisors are regularly trained in both the technical and practical areas.


The drying and sintering of an aluminum furnace is just as important as the material concept and assembly are. For this reason, we offer complete external heating up of your plant. Here the heating up is monitored with thermocouples, and the temperature distribution in the furnace concomitantly analyzed by thermography.


Regular maintenance and care of your system ensures optimum operating conditions and increases its service life. Nothing is worse than an unexpected shutdown. Rath will be happy to provide the maintenance and service of your plant.

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