Russia-Ukraine war has relatively little impact on tin market

While the Russia-Ukraine waring situation is making headlines, in the tin world this news has relatively little impact. Relatively little of the metal is mined and smelted in Russia, with most of the produced material flowing into China.

For tin, the bigger news is coming from Indonesia, where material is beginning to flow again. Some 2,100 tonnes were sold across the two local exchange just today, bringing the monthly total up to more than 4,700 tonnes. Although still below the 6,200-tonne average in 2021, this number already represents both a significant increase from January and a slight rise year-on-year.

The International Tin Association (ITA) has announced the appointment of Helen Prins as new CEO effective March 1st 2022. Helen will replace David Bishop who is retiring after more than 20 years of leadership at the forefront of the tin industry.

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