SA assembly of MACC drives to slash lead times

SEW-Eurodrive’s expanded local capability out of its new Aeroton facility will include the assembly of SEW MACC air-cooled condenser drives for delivery at a rate of three units per week, slashing current lead times from overseas OEMs by approximately 36 weeks.

Built as part SEW-Eurodrive’s M-Series modular industrial gear (IG) units, the MACC is a purpose designed gearbox solution for driving the modern fan-based air-cooled condenser (ACC) systems used in steam-driven power generation plants.

 “An ACC fan works in the same way as any cooling fan, but in power stations and industrial condensing systems, they need to generate huge air flows to efficiently condense exhaust steam from turbines. Our M-Series Air Cooled Condenser (MACC) drives adopt a modular design concept and gearing technology with specific optimisations to make them better suited to these applications,” Jonathan McKey, SEW-Eurodrive’s National and Africa Manager for Business Development, Sales and Marketing, explains.

Highlighting key innovations, he says that a stiffer case with built-in cooling veins has been developed for improved cooling. “Our internal EBD (extended bearing distance) system has also been incorporated, which better enables the gearbox bearings to accommodate the very high axial and radial forces transferred through the fan and the drive shaft,” he explains, adding that an optional dry-well is also included to better prevent oil leakage at the output shaft, while still allowing standard mounting dynamics to be used.

With the EBD and the stiffer casing, SEW’s MACCs offer larger service factors, can handle higher loads and the whole drive train is stronger and more robust. “We have also built-in a maintenance brake so that when servicing is required, wind from the outside can be prevented from turning the fan and the main shaft, improving safety risks and making the boxes easier to maintain in-situ.

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