Sabodala-Massawa Gold production remained flat despite increased grade

Endeavour’s Sabodala-Massawa Gold Mine production in Senegal remained flat in Q4-2021 despite the increase in processed grade as gold in circuit increased while plant throughput and plant recovery remained consistent.

Total tonnes mined increased slightly due to the commissioning of additional mining fleet, while total tonnes of ore mined remained stable. Ore tonnes were mainly sourced from the Sofia North and Sofia Main pits, supplemented by ore from the Sabodala pit.

The average processed grade increased slightly due to the contribution of higher grade ore from the Sofia Main pit.

AISC decreased due to a decrease in sustaining capital expenditures as additional heavy mobile fleet was purchased in the prior quarter.

Sustaining capital expenditure of $14.3 million, a decrease compared to $17.5 million in Q3-2021, was related to purchases of additional dump trucks and a front end loader, planned HME fleet re-builds and waste capitalisation at the Sabadala and Sofia North pits. Non-sustaining capital expenditure of $14.1 million, an increase compared to $10.1 million in Q3-2021, mostly related to the relocation activities of the Sabodala village and infrastructure developments at Massawa.

FY-2021 Performance

FY-2021 consolidated production, which comprises the period commencing on 10 February 2021, after the acquisition of Teranga, amounted to 345koz, beating the guided 310-330koz range, while AISC amounted to $645/oz, also beating the guided $690-740/oz range, due to the strong performance driven by higher throughput at higher grades.


The Massawa deposit is being integrated into the Sabodala mine through a two-phased approach, as outlined in the 2020 pre-feasibility study (“PFS”). Phase 1 of the plant expansion, which was completed in Q4-2021, will facilitate processing of an increased proportion of high grade, free-milling Massawa ore through the existing Sabodala processing plant. The Phase 1 plant expansion had a total growth capital expenditure of $14.0 million, which was below the budget of $20.0 million

Phase 2 of the expansion will add an additional processing circuit designed to process the high grade refractory ore from the Massawa deposits. The DFS is on track for completion in late Q1-2022.


Sabodala-Massawa is expected to produce between 360—375koz in FY-2022 at an AISC of $675—725/oz.

Ore is expected to be sourced primarily from the Massawa Central Zone and North Zone pits in FY-2022. The Massawa Central Zone pit will be mined from the start of the year, whilst the Massawa North Zone pit is expected to commence mid-year. Mining of the Sofia North pit is expected to continue for the entire year though the mined grade is expected to be lower than the Massawa Central Zone and Massawa North Zone pits. Mining of the Sabodala pit will continue throughout the year, focussed on the pit cutback, with some supplemental low grade fresh ore expected in H1-2022. Processed grades are expected to decline compared to FY-2021, particularly in H1-2022 due to lower grade Sofia North feed, while mill throughput rates and recovery rates are expected to remain similar.

Sustaining capital expenditure is expected to increase from approximately $50.3 million in FY-2021 (only the consolidated post acquisition portion) to $63.0 million in FY-2022, related mainly to capitalised waste, fleet re-builds and continued investment in new mining equipment. Non-sustaining capital expenditure in FY-2022 is expected to remain flat at approximately $34.0 million, with FY-2022 capital expenditures related mainly to the ongoing construction of the new Sabodala village and associated relocation costs plus infrastructure and establishment works for the Massawa pits.

Growth capital expenditure is expected to be $3.0 million for the completion of the new leach tank at the Sabodala-Massawa plant and the overhead powerline to Massawa. Following the completion of the DFS for the Sabodala-Massawa Phase 2 expansion in late Q1-2022, further detail on the growth capital spend for the project will be provided.

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