Sibanye-Stillwater recycling PGM production declined by 10%

3E PGM recycled production for 2021 declined by 10% to 755,148 3Eoz due to a reduction in concentrate feed from underground affecting blending, a slowdown in used car scrapping rates globally and continued supply chain logistic constraints affecting autocatalyst deliveries towards year end.

The recycling operations fed an average of 23.8 tonnes per day of spent autocatalyst for 2021, 10% lower than for 2020 with the rate declining over the year from 24.7 tonnes per day for H1 2021 to 22.8 tonnes per day for H2 2021.

This was however offset by a drawdown on recycling inventory from 432 tonnes at H1 2021 to 25 tonnes at year end, enabling a release of working capital and a 16% increase in recycling 3Eoz sold to 782,552 3Eoz. Recycling inventory is expected to normalise at around 200 tonnes once autocatalyst delivery backlogs dissipate.

Adjusted EBITDA of US$101 million (R1.5 billion) increased by 87% compared with 2020. This was primarily due to the higher PGM basket prices, with interest on recycle supplier advances adding a further US$21 million (R315 million), partly offsetting the impact of the operational shortfall.

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