Tharisa undertakes long-term production tests to reduce carbon emissions

Paphos, Cyprus – Tharisa, the platinum group metals (PGMs) and chrome co-producer, announces that three Liebherr mining machines with more efficient engines and fuel systems have been delivered to the Tharisa Mine and have begun operational testing. The partnership with Liebherr is part of Tharisa’s ESG initiative to reduce its carbon footprint.

The two T 236 mining trucks with a capacity of 100 metric tonnes and one 72 ton PR 776 dozer, both of which use the latest generation diesel engine technology with the T236s using Cummins QST 30 engines and the PR 776 utilising the Liebherr D9512 engine, are characterised by low-level fuel consumption, and will be fully stress-tested under operational conditions for 18 months. They will operate as part of the production fleet under supervision of both Tharisa’s mining team and Liebherr Mining Africa.

These state-of-the-art diesel-electric mining trucks’ drive train technology benefit from improved fuel

economy due to their efficient engine and fuel system, advanced airflow system as well as low-end torque performance and emissions capability. The trucks’ continuous drive system technology will be field tested to determine whether the machines can withstand the climatic and geomorphological makeup of the hard rock mining of the Bushveld Complex.

The aim of the long-term, real-life tests is to ensure the trucks reduce diesel consumption and costs while testing the machines’ ability to deliver a minimised environmental footprint, and still delivering on production metrics, as part of Tharisa’s drive for a more sustainable mining environment.

One of Tharisa’s core values is safety and the T236 has a variety of operational safety features such as payload warnings, anti-rollback features, engine shutdown switches in the cab and at ground level, and an integrated four corner park brake system.

These safety systems are in line with the current specifications of the existing truck fleet operating at the Tharisa Mine and will ensure the continued safety and wellbeing of our staff and contractors as they work on site. The PR 776 dozer has a high-efficiency rating of the hydrostatic drive across the entire vehicle speed range, which further minimises fuel consumption and ensures reduced levels of carbon dioxide emissions.

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