The differential transmitter performs under pressure

INSTROTECH offers Kobold differential pressure transmitter models PAD & PAS.  These microprocessor-based, high-performance transmitters have flexible pressure calibration and output, with automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process variable configurations of multiple parameters and HART protocol communication.

Applications are varied and include media like steam, gases, liquids and other critical media.  Pressure, flow and level measurement are done by the application. The input of all data for sensors is added, modified and stored in EEPROM.

As an option, the Kobold PAD-F is also available as a flow meter with a totalizing function in the PAD transmitter, and so it can check the flow rate and totalizing flow. Flow rate is measured by using differential pressure without compensation of temperature and static pressure. The body of PAD-F is the same as the standard device, except for the terminal block which has two more pulse out-put terminals.

Kobold’s PAD & PAS transmitters have excellent reference accuracy thanks to the high-performance processors for flexible application in absolute and differential pressure measurements. In addition, these models achieve excellent long-term stability with capacitive or piezo-resistive sensors.

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