Transnet updates on its status of operations due to protest action

Johannesburg – Transnet has activated its business continuity plans to minimise any impact of the protests on its operations. This includes establishing a 24-hour Nerve Centre hotline to manage and respond to security-related incidents as well as working closely with law enforcement agencies, including members of the South African Defence Force.

Service levels in the ports of Durban and Richards Bay have been negatively affected, as the entire supply chain is closed – including the roads leading into and out of the port. Some staff members have not been able to access operations as a result of road closures and the unavailability of public transport.

The situation is being monitored and where possible, as and when required, Transnet will collaborate with its stakeholders to provide limited service in both the ports.

On the rail side, a force majeure has been declared on the NATCOR line, which links Durban and Gauteng, due to the unrest. All affected customers have been notified, and the Company continues to work on solutions to mitigate the current challenges to ensure that it is able to deliver goods into and out of the country.

Transnet has also been served with a force majeure notice by SAPREF. Transnet is deploying all its own available resources to avert commercial operations being affected by an escalation of force majeure notices across the essential supply value chain.

The rest of Transnet’s operations in other parts of the country continue to operate normally.

Transnet says it has a responsibility – as has been the case during this past year with the COVID-19 pandemic – to ensure that it continues to deliver on its mandate, ensuring the economy continues to function, and most importantly, to ensure the utmost safety and wellbeing of its workforce.

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