Unique automated measurement system ensures right data collected

Power quality measurements can be complex to set up and frustrating when critical events are missed. COMTEST, Fluke’s Local Channel Partner, has introduced the new Fluke 1770 Series that captures more than 500 power quality parameters by default so critical power quality events are never missed — from fast transients up to 8kV, harmonics up to 30kHz, and dips and swells, as well as the voltage, current, and power measurements that enable technicians to characterize electrical systems.

“The Fluke 1770 Series walks technicians through the whole set up to eliminate any measurement errors and ensuring all the correct parameters are selected,” said Frank Healy, Product Manager. “The 1770 Series helps technicians identify issues faster and in a clearer manner to ensure the right data is always collected.”

Voltage transients negatively impact otherwise healthy systems every day, and their potential to damage equipment can’t be underestimated. Fluke 1775 and 1777 capture high-speed transients faster than ever before by leveraging the power of the latest Intel Cyclone FPGA. With a sample rate of 20MS/s users can effectively capture, troubleshoot, and mitigate the most damaging power quality issues.

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