AI-based Integrated Operating Center at Daye Special Steel

SMS group has completed its first X-Pact IOC (Integrated Operating Center), a central monitoring room for the entire 460-millimeter tube plant, at Daye Special Steel in Hubei Province, China. With the Daye 460 project, which also includes the enhancement of the tube plant’s existing automation systems, SMS group has achieved a breakthrough in its Integrated Operating Center (IOC) application, an important milestone on the path to X-Pact Lights-out.
Cameras installed along the production line provide the basis for centralized operator monitoring, thus eliminating the need for operating activities in the harsh environmental conditions commonly found in the metallurgical industry.

The automation system utilizes AI video analytics to respond to abnormal situations during production. The line’s level of automation has been improved and a breakthrough in intelligent manufacturing with centralized remote control has been achieved with the help of AI technology. Consequently, Daye is able to optimize its tube mill production processes from one control station.

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