Algeria to launch new production unit at Bellara Steel complex

Algeria will launch a new steel production unit as part of a large complex that was constructed by an Algerian-Qatari venture on its North-eastern Mediterranean coast a few years ago, The new unit is located in Djen Djen Port in Jejel province, where the Bellara Steel Complex was built in 2017 with a total production capacity of more than two million tonnes a year

Bellara’s assistant manager Mr Sifyan Chayeb told the Algerian Elkhbar Arabic language daily that “Bellara Complex now comprises 8 production units, which have been fully commissioned except the unit in Djen Djen Port This unit will be commissioned before the end of this year and this will boost Algeria’s steel output and exports.”

He added that the complex is running at full output capacity and that it has allowed Algeria to slash steel imports and export the surplus 200,000-300,000 tonnes to Italy, China and other countries in May for the first time.

Algeria and Qatar signed a collaboration agreement for the construction of the Bellara steel complex in late 2013. The plant was gradually commissioned between 2017 and 2019 and is jointly owned by the Algerian Qatari Steel Complex.

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