All Vesuvius plants in Germany shift to green energy

In a major step towards our goal of reaching a net zero carbon footprint, the refractories producer Vesuvius Germany has shifted to 100% green energy.
Its sites in Borken, Muelheim and Grossalmerode recently signed a three-year deal to receive all their electricity from hydroelectric plants that meet the strict criteria of TUV SUD certification for the generation of electricity from renewal sources.
Germany plays a major role in Vesuvius manufacturing footprint and as such has been a big contributor to its CO2 emissions. Using only green electricity sources will cut our CO2 emissions by 8000t per year and represents a big step towards its net zero carbon target.
The move to green energy was also achieved at minimal cost. All three sites are now challenging themselves to reduce energy consumption to more than compensate for the increase.

Vesuvius is looking at how other sites around the world can access green energy sources.

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