Almatis ThermaFill series for thermal interface applications

The future is prone to great technological advancements in the thermal interface, electric vehicles and telecommunications markets, and with its global operational footprint, Almatis recently developed products and launched products for those markets in each region.

Almatis expects to participate in over-proportional growth in these fields as it is positioned to provide global products with regional supplies.

Its new ThermaFill series enables its customers to develop next-generation thermal interface materials with lower viscosities and higher thermal conductivity. In these applications, alumina still gives the best price/performance ratio.

Its new products launched in 2022 demonstrate our commitment to deliver innovative solutions. Almatis ThermaFill series for thermal interface applications, our TR150 crystalline silica-free calcined alumina series for industrial polishing, Extra low soda (XLS) and Ultra low soda (ULS) products for high-end technical ceramics, and the commissioning of its wet mills show our consistent and committed presence in strategic markets despite the challenges in the global economy.

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