Augmented reality to help process optimization in steel industry

The power of Augmented Reality is set to be used to optimise processes in the steel and metals industry and retain crucial skills that could be lost forever as an ageing workforce retires.

UK based Materials Processing Institute recently announced that leading authorities on Industrial Internet of Things PTC has joined forces with the Materials Processing Institute, a research and innovation centre serving global steel and materials organisations, to explore the potential of AR at its Normanton Plant in Teesside.

The project will initially use Vuforia Studio technology to overlay live data, taken from the ThingWorx industrial platform, to various points of the facility, so that operators moving around will be able to make informed decisions on changes to casting and melting lines or troubleshoot issues before they happen.

It is anticipated that Augmented Reality will make it easier for staff to have the right information at exactly the right point they need it, whilst the use of HoloLens and RealWear glasses will mean the individual has both hands free to complete tasks.

This project will contribute to the sector’s longer-term desire to move towards a net zero steel works by 2050 and is part of the GBP 22 million PRISM steel and metals sector research and innovation programme being delivered by the Materials Processing Institute with funding provided through Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation.

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