BEE and affirmative action drive corruption in SA

Political economist Moeletsi Mbeki, deputy chair of the South African Institute of International Affairs, believes BEE and affirmative action are the main drivers of corruption in SA. Mbeki was one of the speakers during a webinar hosted by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and News24 on Tuesday.

“We were a colony. We are a hugely conflict-ridden society. In SA one of the biggest conflicts – if not the biggest – is between the political elite and the business elite, which lost political power in 1994,” said Mbeki.

“There is a war between the political elite and the business elite. Only these two sections in our society have real power and somebody must win this particular war. The consequence is the flight of capital and taxpayers leaving the country. Many people think SA has a crisis, but SA is rather in a pre-crisis situation.”

“BEE was invented by big business in SA to buy off elements of the ANC leadership. This ‘buying off’ also destroyed the multiracial alliance the ANC was. It was big business protecting themselves. That is why I say the conflict between the business elite and political elite in SA cannot be solved by a compact,” said Mbeki.

That’s why the BEE relationships are inherently corrupt.

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