BHP pays taxes to host countries, but not in South Africa

BHP is subject to the different tax regimes that apply in each of the countries and complies with applicable taxation laws in all the jurisdictions where it operate, including the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Country-by-Country reporting measures. This information provides tax authorities around the world with details of how BHP conducts its business and how BHP’s international-related parties transact with each other.

BHP’s total direct economic contribution for FY2021 was US$40.9 billion. This includes payments to suppliers, wages and benefits for around 80,000 employees and contractors, dividends, taxes, royalties and voluntary investment in social projects across the communities where we operate.

In FY2021, its tax, royalty and other payments to governments totalled US$11.1 billion. Of this, 84.7 per cent or US$9.4 billion was paid in Australia. During the last decade, BHP paid US$84.0 billion globally in taxes, royalties and other payments, including US$65.4 billion (approximately A$80.3 billion) in Australia.

BHP has prepared this information in accordance with the UK Regulations. Our Report addresses BHP’s reporting obligations under DTR 4.3A of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules. The ‘Basis of preparation’ and ‘Glossary’ contain information about the content of the Report and form part of the Report.

The Economic Contribution Report 2021 is available for inspection at .

It is also available to be downloaded on the BHP website at:

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