Comprehensive energy logging and reporting

COMTEST is offering Fluke 1730 logger specifically designed for energy conscious consumers – the Fluke 1730 Three-Phase Electrical Energy Logger – rated for its simplicity in discovering sources of electrical energy waste. Its ability to profile energy usage across facilities allows the user to identify opportunities for energy savings and provides easy-to-understand data required to take the appropriate action.

The 1730 shows when and where energy is being consumed in the facility, from the service entrance to the individual circuits.  It compares multiple data points over time and builds a comprehensive picture of energy usage with the energy analyse software package.  It facilitates the rapid understanding of specific points of energy loss, which can in turn reduce energy bills.

The 1730 Energy Logger in conjunction with Fluke’s Infrared Cameras can take energy surveys to the next level, quickly identify opportunities for energy savings both electrically and thermally. When using an infrared camera along with the 1730 Energy Logger, users are able to discover potential problems that could be wasting energy and then quantify them electrically with the 1730 Energy Logger. This combo is touted to be the perfect tool set to uncover hidden operational wastes such lighting, air conditioning and other large loads that could be switched off when not in use.

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