Demand for platinum outstrips constrained supply

Platinum posted a deficit in Q4 2020 of -170 koz, as strong demand in automotive, industrial and jewellery sectors and sustained strong investment demand for platinum outstripped constrained supply.

Overall, despite a year that saw the global economy contracting by 3.5%, the platinum market deficit in 2020 was -932 koz, the largest on record. While total demand dropped by 7% (-569 koz), the sharp decline in mining supply of 20% (-1,203 koz) and the fall in recycling of 10% (-210 koz) contributed to total supply being down 17% (-1,413 koz).

Against a backdrop of widespread vaccine programmes seeing economies return towards normal activity, platinum demand is forecast to increase by 3% (+254 koz) to 7,992 koz, while supply will recover 17% (+1,126 koz) to 7,932 koz resulting in a deficit of -60 koz in 2021, the third consecutive annual deficit.

The demand growth in 2021 is expected to be driven predominantly by strong recoveries in automotive, jewellery and industrial demand, offsetting reduced yet very strong investment demand.

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