Glencore produces more oil and less coal

Glencore’s Coal production of 103.3 million tonnes was 2.9 million tonnes (3%) lower than 2020, reflecting Prodeco’s care and maintenance status and lower domestic power demand/export rail capacity constraints in South Africa, offset by higher production at Cerrejón, following a Covid suspension and strike in 2020.

Australian coking: Production of 9.1 million tonnes was 1.5 million tonnes (20%) higher than 2020 reflecting additional coking-quality production from the Collinsville mine, and various planned

maintenance activities in 2020.

Australian thermal and semi-soft: Production of 66.4 million tonnes was broadly in line with 2020.

South African thermal: Production of 20.0 million tonnes was 4.0 million tonnes (17%) under 2020, reflecting lower domestic power demand and export rail capacity constraints.

Cerrejón: Attributable production of 7.8 million tonnes was 3.7 million tonnes (90%) higher than 2020, reflecting the base period being disrupted by both a Covid-related temporary suspension and strike action.

Glencore oil exploration and production: Entitlement interest production of 5.3 million boe was 1.3 million boe (34%) higher than 2020 mainly due to commencement of the gas phase of the Alen project in Equatorial Guinea. There was no production from the Chad fields in 2021.

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